Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Musings

This is going to be an Utterly Pointless Post: a result of far too much time spent hanging snowflakes, decorating trees, sewing and constructing Christmas presents...in short, all the bustle and hustle of the season! Profound Thoughts On Writing have been put aside till after!

So...in between all the business, I've found time to read A Christmas Carol again. It's sort of a tradition of mine to read the story and watch the (old edition) movie around Christmas.
This year, I've come back to many old childhood reading favorites and found much of the magic I remember has sadly gone. Approaching Christmas, I wondered if that would be the case with “A Christmas Carol”. Silly me – a story that's been so beloved for so long will never lose a single spark of its magic!

I was fortunate enough to catch an old radio broadcast of the story as well, from 1939 with Orson Welles narrating; I listened to it while working, and started wondering just what makes this story so special. Why does it survive? What about it touches people's hearts, generation after generation?

I'm not quite sure. ;) For me, though, I think I love the story for its quirkiness, its oddball comedy, and most of all for the theme of redemption. The more I write and read, the more I realize I'm drawn to that theme. Redemption in a Christian sense, of course, but also just plain redemption – the opportunity to redeem yourself, to change your life for the better. And Dickens' story is all about redemption. The message of the story is that it's never too late. No matter how bad your life has been, there's always a chance for a better future.
Which, of course, is the promise of Christmas.
And now...unwrapped gifts are looking accusingly from me to the wrapping paper and ribbons so I will close. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Oh yes, and make sure to come back right after Christmas, because I'll be posting some special Christmas presents! :) If you want to know what, come back next week!


Linda Yezak said...

You're right about the Christmas Carol: There's something about a redemption story that gives hope. And, Christmas, the celebrated birthday of the Source of hope, is a perfect time to think about redemption.

I hope your Christmas was wonderful!

Kate said...

Belated merry Christmas, Nina! *hugs*

Nina Hansen said...

Thanks so much, both of you! Blessed Christmas!

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