Saturday, April 24, 2010

So Much To Do – No Time At All!

Guess what? I'm still alive! I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, relapsed into pneumonia, or run away to join the FBI. However, I've been feeling a bit Dorothy-ish – as if a tornado had whirled through my life, spun me off my feet, and dropped me in a whole new world.

Since the last post, I have (a) moved, (b) acquired – or will soon – a new job and (c) started a new novel. :D As well as a host of other things which have kept me in a permanent tailspin! What with two jobs, a possible publishing contract (at least one!) and actually sheltering in the same domicle as my best friend/co-writer, the summer's going to be mad. Beautifully mad, but crazy is crazy any way you slice it.

Writing stays at the top of my priority list, though, and in the next few weeks I'm going to post updates about my newest novels. I'm guessing my actual writing time is going to get cut down, but in a way that's a good thing: right now editing and stepping up the publishing endeavor is more important.

As for the writing itself – NaNo taught me how powerful writing a little bit, just a little bit, every day is. Those five hundred words per day add up. I think, as well, it's the physical act of writing, the concentration of your thoughts into words, that keeps you fresh. I know I'm never happy until I've written!

In matter of actual quantity - we'll see what happens as the days grow warmer... and in case anyone didn't notice, aren't we having a BEAUTIFUL SPRING?!?!

In the meantime – sorry for disappearing and please bear with me as I get back into a regular posting schedule! Next post will be a collection of the funniest, wisest, and most uplifting quotes on writing, so be sure to check back in a couple of days.


What are you doing for the summer? Starting a new job? Heading out on vacation? How are you fitting your writing schedule around the warm weather, or is your typewriter tucked away in cotton till the leaves turn?