Completed Novels & Other Scribblings

Stranger's Eyes

Status:  Writing - 7000-something words: only 85,000 more to go!

I've not got a "proper" blurb for this novel yet, but a quickie explanation:  Rob is your average ordinary guy, who works a boring 9-to-5 and watches football on the weekends.  The best part of his life is his beautiful, witty wife, Kay, but his marriage turns upside down when one night she wakes screaming, claiming her name isn't Kay, that she's a prisoner of the Nazis, and that she's never seen Rob before.  After that things get interesting, with assassins, black ops, a giant conspiracy, car chases, etc, etc.  So far, my favorite part is the psychological aspects of the thriller: it's so interesting to completely destroy Rob's world and watch how he reacts.  Yes, I'm cruel.


Status:  Completed: querying agents.

On May 10, 1940, the German army sweeps into neutral Holland, overwhelming the tiny Dutch army and taking control of the country.  On the surface, people bow their heads and surrender, but in dark alleys and hidden corners, five teenagers band together to fight back.  Calling themselves the SS-5, they strike out against the Nazi overlords.

At first their attacks are exciting moves in a giant game: good guys against bad.  But the game turns deadly when the real Resistance recruits them.  Overnight, the five young people find themselves playing assassin.  There is no room for mistakes.  One wrong move means death, and the threat is not only the Nazi firing squad, but the suffocating pressure of their solitude as they are forced to make life and death decisions for adults twice their age.  They can trust no one.

Their only goal is to win.  But will the cost of freedom be more than they can pay?

Through A Rain Of Fire

(with Ruth Rockafield)

Status:  Completed: sitting on an editor's desk WAITING...

It's 1940, and London is a city in on fire. Every night, enemy bombers roar across the sky, leaving devastation in their wake. In a city where hundreds die every day, survival becomes an unlikely thing. The only force standing between England and Hitler is the renegade RAF—and a handful of civilians.

A girl, abandoned for seven years, hides in the shadows of an orphanage. A RAF pilot, burned beyond recognition when he's shot down in flames, lies in the ashes of his world with no reason to live. A doctor, after giving up everything to protect the woman he loves, faces the loss of his dreams—and his life. At the center of it all is Nurse Liz Knight, an ordinary woman caught in a swirl of extraordinary events.

Three people on the edge of despair. One woman to hold them back. As London crumbles into ruin, Liz Knight must find courage to face tragedy, fight through, and win the promise of hope that will not die.

A Fire Is Woken

(with Ruth Rockafield)

Status:  Completed (finally!!): waiting on publication of Bk 1

Shocked myself this morning by realizing I've never written a blurb on this one!  (I do have an excuse: it being the second novel in the Wings Of Fire series, I've not been querying anyone on it.)  That'll come up sometime soon, when I get a moment to confer with my (equally busy) cowriter!  In the meantime:  this is the direct sequel to Through A Rain Of Fire, centering about RAF pilot Peter Standish and his fight to get back into the service, and Julie Knight, who becomes a secret agent with the SOE.  Oh yeah, and there's just a spice of romance too, as the two of them struggle with a relationship.  Historical highlight: D-Day!


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