Friday, November 20, 2009

Into The Wardrobe

Well, folks, I'm doing it - I'm finally writing fantasy! My historical novel SS-5 completed, I'm winging it through NaNo and plunging into my second novel, A Forbidden Homeland, which just happens to be my first foray into speculative fiction!

(Yeah, right, I know, compound the problem. Write a new genre and do it during NaNo. Nothing like taking on a challenge!)

The seed for this novel was a dream. Shaky ground at best, but it stuck with me for five years, racketing around and collecting bits of plot, characters, dialogue. Eventually I gave up, took the idea out, and gave it some serious attention, which led to an outline, which where I am, on the brink of writing speculative!

The plot is based on the British subjugation of Ireland, and originally was going to be historical fiction. But gradually I realized the characters had a different story to tell. I'm not fully diving into the wilder aspects of speculative - there's no magic, no swords, no elves or dwarfs or unicorns. No laser guns, light sabers, or sonic screwdrivers. The characters drive the plot, in a world which is much like ours...but not quite. Ironically, since the roots are based in history, the story has taken on chilling aspects of our modern world; it's become, to me, a possible look at the future. Primitive evil hidden under the fine surface of advanced civilization.

Excited, am I? You bet! But also apprehensive. Worldbuilding is crazy hard! I don't see how speculative writers do this all the time!

On the brink of walking through the wardrobe, I'm nervous. Scared. Absolutely terrified! I must be INSANE to do this!

And I’m lovin’ it!!


Hannah said...


Elisabeth said...

Wow. You finished a complete novel, going way over the 50k mark, and you've got the nerve to start another one right off? I salute you. :)

I've given you a blog award! Stop by my blog and read about it.

Hannah said...

I gave you a blog award, too!

Nina Hansen said...

Thank you both!!!

Heehee, I'm running on a lot of nerve right now! Must say, though, I'm looking forward to December. Whereupon, of course, I shall start mourning Novemeber!

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