Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rainy Days and Mondays

I've had a week of cold, rainy days that all seem like Mondays. Spiced with broken refridgerators, fritzed washing machines, job interviews, school applications, two (active, unruly) boys to tutor, car-shopping, and the usual stuff at home.

Oh, did I forget completely rehauling a novel? And running out of chocolate?

I've had quite a week.

Thanks to a recent impulse to publish (yes, I get them once in a while) I've been tearing apart my Western, The Hanging Tree. Getting it ready to send out is proving to be incredibly challenging, not least because I have to cut 20,000 words and deciding which of my darlings to annihilate does give one the occasional pain. And it's scary to realize how much I don't know.

Currently, I'm halfway through and am convinced that if I ever see this story again it'll be way too soon.

However, I realize there is a silver lining: Three months ago, the mss of The Hanging Tree was as good as I could get it. Now, I can see flaws, cracks, and the occasional gaping hole. That means I've learned things in three months! I've improved. I've become a better writer.

Which is great.

But I still think I need chocolate. :)


Hannah said...

Awwww. *hug*

Hope it gets published!

Nina Hansen said...

Oh, thank you. :)

Hannah said...

You're welcome!

Kayla said...

Hey, dear, know how you feel. *hugs* A bit of chocolate in everyone's life does a world of good! Which kind if your favorite? I'll be sure and send you a bucket full! :)

"When life hands you lemons...THROW THEM AT SOMEONE!"

Love, Kayla

Hannah said...

Lemons are good, Kayla! :P How COULD you throw them away?

Chocolate is good sometimes. A lot of sometimes.

Lorna G. Poston said...

Running out of chocolate is bad. Very, very bad.

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