Friday, February 26, 2010

Questions, Questions - Writing Quiz!

Well, I had a lovely post written on synopses, but I seem to have misplaced the notebook I wrote it in. Ah well. Next week! In the meantime, here's a fun writer's quiz I picked up from Facebook. Take a break, fill it out, and post it on your own blog! Then give me a shout so I can look at your answers. :)


Do you have a pen/pencil collection? How many of those are chewed?

I stash writing utensils in "safe" places and then forget where I stashed them. I don't chew pens—instead I break the clips off of them. ;)

Do you prefer handwriting or typing?

Typing. It's a time thing. Being a full-time writer with an extremely busy life doesn't leave room for slow handwriting.

How often do you get inspiration?

Dozens of times every day. In soapwater, in meaningless conversation, in the way a shadow moves. The problem is that 99% of the time the inspiration is not related to my WIP.

Do you get inspiration more in the early morning or late at night?

Late at night! It's almost impossible for me to write during the day. I come alive at night and my brain goes wild. All 100,000 words of NaNo were written at night.

Do certain movies/books/music inspire you?

Absolutely. I try to read, watch, and listen in all genres, so sometimes I'll get inspiration for my WWII historical drama from a modern comedy, or vice versa. Often I try to read/watch/listen to something very different from my WIP, just to get a new viewpoint.

How do you incorporate God into your stories?

Sometimes a great deal. Sometimes the characters actively search Him out. Other times it's more subtle; it depends on the story. My faith in God is the essential part of who I am so it always comes into my writing. Though often not how you'd expect!

Do you kill off your villains or make them repent?

Repent? Never! :) Seriously - they usually either die or escape to start new trouble next time.

Are the majority of your characters magical beings, humans, halflings, or something else?

Humans. I've done fantasy, but always with a realistic setting.

What genre of writing are you most comfortable in? If you were to step out of your comfort zone, what would you write?

Historical anything is my passion and my home ground. That said - I've now written fantasy, sci-fi, thriller, mystery, and I'm working on my first satire/parody. I've also written for YA and adult. Jack of all genres?

Do you work better alone or with someone else?

Hard question. Each is very different. Writing alone I have the independence to write exactly what I think. I can address issues deep in my soul. Writing together is incredibly fun and I believe the quality achieved is extremely high; also sometimes the novels go much deeper with two people.

Are your characters mostly Renegades, Peacekeepers or a mish-mash?

Renegades! I have written one Peacekeeper, but the majority are rebels. V. stressing sometimes, since they rebel against their author as well!

Are you a sucker for good grammar?

I'm a sucker for good writing. Some great novels break every grammar rule in the book. Write the best novel you can, and grammar will handle itself.

How is your handwriting?

Sharp. Angular. Small and very upright. Getting more messy!

How evil are your villains?

I try to write villains who are attractive in some ways. A mystery writer at heart, I believe the best and most chilling villains are the ones we can identify with in some way. That said - I've a few psychos planned who are thoroughly evil.

Are you long-winded or succinct?

I'd like to say succinct. Final draft definitely has to be succinct.

Do you have typical writer traits such as ink stains on your fingers or a pencil behind your ear?

Do notebooks in every pocket, bags under the eyes, and a glazed expression count?

Would someone walking past you on the street consider you normal?

Depends on whether they catch me gabbling and gesturing to thin air while envisioning the battle of Shiloh. Overall: probably not. Who wants to be?

Do you write mostly poetry, stories, novels or a mixture?

Mostly novels, though I've a fair collection of short stories. Poetry as well, but I write it just for me, not to be published.

Do your characters vary in accents, appearance and attitude or are they mostly the same?

They couldn't be more different. Er - except for the fact that lamentably many of my heroines are redheads. I seem to pick real redheads out of history. But attitude? My biggest challenge with every story is to make the characters completely new, completely different.

Do real people and/or places inspire your writing?

Without exception! Everything I write stems from real life. However - it's usually my wild, quirked interpretation of it. :)

What is your favorite character? Or do you choose to remain unbiased in case of a revolt?

My characters spend their lives revolting. One more wouldn't change much! And - all my characters are so different it's hard to say. Perhaps Jan from SS-5. My new MC in my parody, Leonie, is very fun too—snarky and sarcastic and a murder-mystery writer!

Do you talk to your characters? Do they talk back?

Constantly. Often aloud. All my characters become permanent residents of my head and offer useful (or not-so-useful) advice on everything I do.

Are you more comfortable with female or male main characters?

I'm comfortable with both, though I understand females more (obviously!).

Do you follow basic plot lines with new twists thrown in or do you depart from the norm all the time?

My favorite thing is to take a cliche and twist it so many times it's not recognizable any more!

Do you feel God has called you to be a writer/poet? Will you grasp the power of the pen?

I've grasped it already. It is the one call I hear most clearly, and I've leapt into a writing life with joy and abandon. I know I will always be a writer at heart.


Elisabeth said...

Oh, this is one I'll definitely do sometime soon. It's amazing how similar some of my answers would be to yours!

Olotu Ebenezer said...

Great postings.
I am going to do that too.Thanks for posting this.

Kate said...

I'm doing this. LOL

Nina Hansen said...

Haha, Elisabeth, we think very much alike on some things! I'll love reading your answers. :)

Olotu and Kate - yay! Put the links on here when you do and I'll check them out!

hmh said...

I left you a blog award on my blog.

Kate said...

I did, too! Haha!

Elisabeth said...

I just filled it out - it was so much fun!

Kayla said...

Hey! LOVED the quiz!:)

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